Saturday, March 14, 2009

To normal men

To all those normal men that might be reading this. Let me put it to you in terms you might understand and unfortunatedly some of you have been a victim of this as well. One of your coworkers drugs you and rapes you and records it all. You know that this person drugged you and raped you but you don't actually remember what happened. Are you going to tell what happened? NO.
However, every time you come to work certain coworkers feel free to make suggestive comments to you, try to get into your room etc, other coworkers refuse to speak to you. Soon you're hearing how you're secretly gay and you have a double life and how all these guys claim to have been with you. And everyone believes it because they are passing around pictures of your rape. You are such a liar and obviously off your rocker. The world is surprisingly small and soon people outside of work are hearing about how you are "secretly" gay and lead this debauch double life. Your wife starts doubting you.
What would and could you do about this? Commit murder? Would you lose your freedom? Would you give your parents that grief? Would you leave your wife and children without support?

My point is only to ilustrate to a heterosexual male what it feels like being raped and the circumstances I am experiencing.

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