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Airlines and sexual harassment

This article came to my attention about a predatory group. It is sad how many of these people are in the world.


and here is another http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=437_1242007098&c=1

and another http://www.medindia.net/news/Rape-Of-Unconscious-Woman-Live-On-Internet-Arizona-Man-Arrested-52412-1.htm

I was naïve but not any more than most women. The kind of mindset to protect yourself from this kind of attack basically requires you to have gone through what I have and that mindset precludes trusting anyone. Never in my life would I have believed that there were more than a few rapists within this company and that they needn‘t hide their activities because they cover for each other and the airline covers for them as well. They make sure to make the women who report a rape, most of which involve the spiking of drinks, are portrayed as whores and/or nutcases or whatever plausible story the group can concoct. You are threatened with being raped again, mocked about the rape and that you don’t know who and what was done. All of it are techniques used to silence the victim, to provoke her into reactions that make her appear unreasonable and unstable, to keep her in fear, to isolate her, to reinforce her helplessness. It is their power trip. Only sexual assault victims and rapists know the damage caused by sexual assault.
I am still amazed at the A300 pilot who spent over ten minutes in the lavatory when we were in the middle of a first class service (necessary timing as to have no witnesses to contradict the lie since after the service there would be other flight attendants around). I thought I better spray room freshener in the lavatory because he must have a bad case of food poisoning, as it turns out there was no smell. Then I thought he was doing drugs in there. Later, I found out that this pilot was alleging that I had done something with him. I don’t know this person just like I don't know any of the others and there is no reason for him to do that or for me to imagine what he would do that. I had not told anyone about the rape yet (and had no intention of telling) so it was not part of the revenge for reporting.
I couldn't believe what had been happening. Why would a stranger bother to pretend something happened that did not? It couldn’t be because they thought I was falsely accusing Michel Quilis of rape because many of these incidents predate my having said anything to anyone. It wasn’t because they got any encouragement from me, in fact, in many of these incidents they never even bother hitting on me which would be the logical thing if you really believed you were going to get somewhere. Many times I have no idea who that person is or even met them for that matter. I only find out later from somebody what supposedly happened. It was only necessary to make it appear so. Why? What possible interest could those individuals have in making things appear a certain way. There is one explanation and that is that they shop at the same pharmacy and make the same use of certain kind of drugs as Michel Quilis. It would make sense as a defense except they were pretending long before there was anything to defend against. I hadn’t said anything, in fact, it was those very incidents and rumors that finally drove me to speak out. I know each and every one of these liars are part of the group that uses rape drugs on women and men.

I found out that taking a crew picture on a trip before the assault was the modus operandi for him and the other rapists. It provided the perfect cover making the victim look like she was on familiar terms with him when in reality she has just met him and then she was drugged and assaulted at the first opportunity the rapist could arrange. This airline wants desperately to keep the victims isolated so as to not find out that you are one of many and that’s just the ones who were harassed so badly that we were forced to step forward so you can just imagine how many more. What does the airline do about it? Nothing if not worse than nothing. The ‘confidentiality agreement” is illegal. We must speak.

Michel Quilis did a lateral transfer immediately after the Rule 32 complaint at a time when there were proffers galore, according to the company of his own volition, not that I was informed about it. Followed by his buddy bidder, Jimmy Duhig, on the next proffer. I think I would bid for the same proffer if I was planning to go to JFK with my buddy bidder. I found out that Jimmy Duhig was his buddy more than a year after the rape. The company would have talked to me about it if they had really believed him instead they refuse to tell me anything and he transfers “own his own“. Taking advantage of my naivety and emotional implosion. All I wanted was something to be done to stop him in what he was doing to me and to prevent more rapes.

You always wonder why this is happening to YOU. I have by speaking about me found out that there are others. I know of four bad cases like mine, another case which I doubt, and another case which I believe false. I could not imagine that an organization or anyone with an ounce of decency would allow this not just to continue but to actively work against the victims. Why not just go to the CIA and simply say we think we have problem? We have had a lot women coming to us with essentially the same story about being drugged and raped by flight attendants and/or pilots. Well, I guess it is all about past failure and the almighty dollar. Each person is morally responsible in the eyes of God. Someone told me that this airline likes to keep its problems in-house which would be fine if they were doing something about it; and, in the end, they don’t care after all we are the ones who are suffering not them. They are sitting on a powder keg of liability and that’s only for the failure to warn, never mind that they are digging themselves in deeper with each new victim that comes forward.

Look at this article.
The only reason Delta fired him was because it became public and they had to. I am sure just like at this airline there are many more like him still working there. They knew what this one particular individual was doing. They had several women put in complaints yet they alternately ignored and actively suppressed the whole thing. Their responsibility lies in their having been informed many times of drugs being used on crewmembers by crewmembers for the purposes of sexual assault. My only real expectation in informing the airline was to make them aware, stop him and have them take steps to warn of the danger so it wouldn‘t happen to anyone else. Yes naïve. It took me a long time to believe that most people would stand by and indeed some applauded and let evil continue unchecked. It amazed me the joy some people felt that I had been drugged and raped. I suppose they would be glad about any rape victim and any misfortune that befell anybody else. I am sure that the people at the office and the investigator had quite a good laugh at my expense. This need not have happened to me and need not happen to anyone else and it did and it has and it will again because these freaks are seeing no consequences for their actions. It is nauseating. The airline keeps the “investigations“ a secret so when your rapist claims that you are a whore or his girlfriend you cannot defend yourself and they can conveniently close the “investigation“ as a personal matter. Nothing more heinous to a rape victim than having her rapist allege he is her boyfriend and that what occurred was voluntary.

To those of you who can fanthom not having any memory of the rape. Ever had surgery? Try really hard to remember the actual surgery. Recalled anything yet? I only hear what some people tell me and I do not know which of all the things that are being said to me is the truth. I thought it is impossible to have this number of rapists in one place. It is a contagious disease that infects an astounding number given that most people are like liquid that takes the shape of the vessel they are poured into. What does it matter if they drug a human being? A woman is just an object and she can't remember the actual assault so no worries about getting caught. I say buy yourselves an inflatable doll, freaks.

When will I get over it? When the rapists are gone. When I come to work and don’t have to endure people refer to things I have no knowledge of and did not participate in. When I FEEL like it. No, it is not acceptable.
I can’t say that I am not human and wish the worst on all rapists and the people who allow them to continue raping. I am putting this testimony online as a guide for a victim and as support for whatever legal/criminal cases come up in the future. I wish I had had something like my blog. It would have all gone differently but the Lord works in mysterious ways and this may be a way of casting a wider net for all guilty parties, to end this ever worsening spiral of individual and institutional violence against women. Words are weapons too. Empires have been brought down by words and the information they convey. My cause is the prevention of rape and the punishment of rapists just like people who have had cancer are active in its prevention and treatment. Although, frankly there should be Raped Clubs just like there are Rape Clubs.

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