Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I have never dated or been the girlfriend of Michel Quilis or any other employee of this airline or airport. I have never consented to have naked pictures or anything else of the sort with anyone anywhere EVER. Anything of the sort is evidence of rape and should be sent to the Fort Lauderdale Sexual Crimes Unit - Detective Hendel. All I want is to be left alone but that is not happening since I represent a threat to this airline and the rape club/drug mafia because I am a credible person and I went to the police. This is how the rape problem is handled. Welcome to this airline where the rapists are protected and the rape victims are retaliated against.And why not further abuse the rape victim when there are not only no consequences but guaranteed protection for rapists. We are truly in a world run by the devil. The Rape Club continues to drug and rape, harass, stalk and blackmail victims into complying with their demands and all continues to be covered up. Revolting creeps.  I want there to be no more victims. I don't want someone to die from an overdose of rape drugs. Your buddy in JFK corporate security won't be able save you from that. This is what is going to happen and this blog is for the record and for the silent victims, the blackmailed compliant victims and for those who have refused to participate in this evil. The evil that you do cannot be absolved by calling it "your job" or you've got to save yourself. It is dirty, immoral and it will come back to you. Lies cannot change the truth. Nothing good can be built on lies and evil. May your bodies rot just like your souls are rotten. You can't get the evil out of them but you can get others to see the evil in them.
A rapist knows what he is and he cannot lie to himself about what he is as he is able to lie to others about what he is. Corporate Security can slander the victim to 'take care' of the rape problem. Sexual predators will continue preying and in time they get caught and this blog stays here as a testament to the truth, to what was done to me and as precedent and support. I am here to stay.

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