Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gang bullying and corporate bullying

Interesting blog useful to those of us who have experienced or are experiencing a situation like mine. I specially like the term "corporate bullies". My term for drugging rapists is "the defectives".
Gang bullying is a serial bully with colleagues. Gangs can occur anywhere, but flourish in corporate bullying climates. If the bully is an extrovert, they are likely to be leading from the front; they may also be a shouter and screamer, and thus easily identifiable (and recordable on tape and video-able). If the bully is an introvert, that person will be in the background initiating the mayhem but probably not taking an active part, and may thus be harder to identify. A common tactic of this type of bully is to tell everybody a different story - usually about what others are alleged to have said about that person - and encourage each person to think they are the only one with the correct story. Introvert bullies are the most dangerous bullies.
Half the people in the gang are happy for the opportunity to behave badly, they gain gratification from the feeling of power and control, and enjoy the patronage, protection and reward from the serial bully. The other half of the gang are coerced into joining in, usually through fear of being the next target if they don't. If anything backfires, one of these coercees will be the scapegoat and sacrificial lamb on whom enraged targets will be encouraged to vent their anger. The serial bully watches from a safe distance. Serial bullies gain a great deal of gratification from encouraging and watching others engage in conflict, especially those who might otherwise pool negative information about them.
Gang bullying or group bullying is often called mobbing and usually involves scapegoating and victimisation.

Corporate bullying is merely an expedient way of "dealing" with a serious problem where a company has liabilities due to its knowledge of criminal acts. Label victim a whore therefore there are no roofies, rapes or crimes. The credibility and reputation of the victim must be destroyed. The boots on the ground are the pre-terminations, termination, FMLA abusers etc and of course, the members of the rape club.  God help all the new ones.

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